Convert Your Van

We can carry out full or part conversions depending on what your van may already have, your possible budget constraints and associated with this, your timescale.
The slideshow below shows our 2017 demonstrator with a few pictures to show a little bit of what can be achieved. Attention to detail is one of our key performance indicators and that is sometimes where you do not see it or it might be just hiding in plain sight - internal faces of doors coloured to matching the lining material for instance.

We work very hard to make sure we use the best components possible in our conversions and have teamed up with some of the industries leading names to bring quality into every conversion. 

The most important part of the conversion, the van. The majority of our work is based on the very successful VW Transporter because of their longevity, reliability and immense following spanning decades.
A VW camper will stand the test of time and if current trends continue they will allow you to have many years of camping and retain good value on resale if looked after - just look at the VW splits and bays!

An elevating roof will provide you with sleeping for 2 extra people and a more comfortable area to live in with the roof and roofbed up.
We supply and fit roofs from Westdubs and Skyline both of which offer quality roofs and good value for money. The roofs from both companies are M1 tested and in the basic format come in gel white or gel black with a choice of material colours.
The Westdubs elevating roof material is canvas whilst the Skyline is a vinyl. 

Extras available include trimming, roof beds, colour coding, scenic canvas and more.

Smartbeds offer a range of M1 tested Rock n Roll beds - a 3/4 width and full width fixed bed and a 3/4 width on sliding runners for those who need extra versatility for their camper. 
The beds are available off the shelf in a variety of cloth, vinyl, VW and leather upholstery options and can be fitted with seat belts and headrests.
Price for a 3/4 Evo 2 in VW material with seat belts £2145.00 inc VAT fitted
Price for a 3/4 Evo R rail system SWB in VW material with seat belts £3400.00 inc VAT fitted

The Scopema Rib Altair is one of the most common high end seats on the conversion scene chosen for it's build quality and ease of use.
Available in 112cm (3/4), 130cm and 150cm (full width) sizes with a range of options such as additional bed length, seat slider (moves seat pad by 20cm), Isofix child safety restraint system and various cloth, vinyl and leather coverings.

Contact us for latest pricing on the RIB beds.

Furniture is another main component of any build with a seemingly limitless range of choices for finish, trim and handles on top of the physical arrangement which needs to tie in with your bed choice and van type.

Contact us with your requirements to alow us to price your furniture layout.